Before Leaving This Earth, Know Your PMA

Your Purpose, Mission, and Assignment
by Dorothy R. Swygert

Before Leaving This Earth, Know Your PMA (Purpose, Mission, and Assignment) is a call to Action!

It is a voice of ?one crying in the wilderness,? calling us to return to our spiritual Chris...       more...

ISBN 9780991230624

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Befriending Your Stranger

An Active Journey to Inner Joy
by Arnie Freiman

Dear friend,

Does it ever feel like you?re living a life that?s not your own?

At first we just want to make our parents happy, avoid punishment, or fit in. We want to get the job, kee...       more...

ISBN 9781733673907

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Conquering Your Adversities

From Mafia Controlled Streets to the NFL and Ultimately Becoming a Successful Doctor
by Dr. Ken Polke

DOES IT SEEM LIKE YOUR DREAMS FOR A BETTER LIFE WILL NEVER COME TRUE? Well, Dr. Kenneth Polke knows that feeling. Ken grew up in a tough neighborhood in Cleveland, known as...       more...

ISBN 9781944335656

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Flower in Bloom

by Linda Mata & Christiana Guarino

Selections of short stories, poems and two musical compositions by Linda Mata and Christiana Guarino. It also includes religious and inspirational messages and highlights the accomplishments of Africa...       more...

ISBN 978146852454

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Getting Past Anxiety

An Inspirational Novel to Reclaim Your Life
by Melissa A. Woods

Getting Past Anxiety is an inspirational novel designed to help you reclaim your life. Follow the story of Stella Maris, a thirty-seven-year-old professional woman in the Pacific Northwest who is figh...       more...

ISBN 9781943164967

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Grow from Life's Yeses, Nos, and Waits

Daily Inspirational Gift Messages
by Elizabeth George

Choose a word and a gift message that meet your need(s). The messages will uplift or complement your dawn, support your break at noon, and ease you into your evening as you reflect on your day. Each m...       more...

ISBN 9781732284623

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Joy Road

My Journey from Addiction to Recovery
by Julie E. Evans

Joy Road is a memoir by Julie Evans, a change-of-life baby who was born in 1956 and spent much of her Midwestern childhood nurturing her alcoholic mother and chronically ill father. Both parents died ...       more...

ISBN 9780967926896

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Life Between Two Gardens

Finding Purpose and Embracing Hope Amid Life's Greatest Challenges
by Steven R. Edgley

?Experiencing challenges, being broken, and having to pick up the pieces of our lives is part of the human condition. Eventually, we learn how to fit those pieces back together so they make sense, we ...       more...

ISBN 9781947937925

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Living Your Exclamation Point Life!

How to Transform Your Circumstances and Lead with Vision, Purpose, and Passion
by Anne L. Prinz


Everything seems to be against you and you just wish your fairy godmother would show up so the world could see the real, stunning you? Or maybe you feel l...       more...

ISBN 9781947937062

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52 Secrets for Greater Success and Higher Self-Esteem
by Angel Marie Monachelli

A powerhouse for transformation and success

It?s amazing how a book can pack so much energy, inspiration, and good, solid direction into a relatively few words. SHINE ON! captures the essen...       more...

ISBN 978-0997734119

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Shine The Light Vol. 4

Inspirational Messages in Poetry
by Connie Campbell Bratcher

" Shine The Light" is the 4th volume of "Inspirational Messages in Poetry" by Connie Campbell Bratcher. It contains excerpts from her previous books, "Inspirational Messages in Poetry ~ For a Deeper F...       more...

ISBN 9780977419029

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Sing Unto the LORD

Hymn Titles in Poetry
by Connie Campbell Bratcher

?Sing Unto the LORD,? is a new and unique volume of Inspirational Messages in Poetry by Connie Campbell Bratcher. This book features titles of those great hymns of the faith that are so vital to our ...       more...

ISBN 9780977419050

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They're Pistols and They're Loaded!

A Mother and Daughter's Perspectives on Life
by Leilani Essary Hurles and Lani Polasek

Laughter is at the heart of Leilani's world. Like her hero Erma Bombeck, she finds the humor in every situation as a wife, mother,daughter,friend,and a patient who continues her battle with ovarian c...       more...

ISBN 97841938686498

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Three Days in the Light

Blessings for Our Lives
by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

This book contains the story of the author's encounter with Cosmic Consciousness, followed by a selection of blessings for our lives. The way the author describes the Light is not connected to any rel...       more...

ISBN 9780988453746

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Thriving After Your Stroke

Rebuilding the Mind and Body to Create a Meaningful Life
by Steven R. Edgley, MD

Each of us lives on the thin line between chaos and order. Having a stroke thrusts you and the family who loves you into a magnitude of chaos unlike anything you have previously experienced. The traum...       more...

ISBN 9781947937932

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