by Jerome Mark Antil

Hollywood couldn't have written a fable better than this true life-chapter of human passages. It s the ultimate marketing novel written by a college drop out in the 1960's who follows his mentor's advice-who would point him to fame and great accomplishment… with great fun along the way.

Book of the YearFinalist - Non Fiction Humor - FOREWORD REVIEWS

“Just finished the book and I am simply staggered at how good it is. The story is engrossing and speaks to what every man has lived in his own life. It is a profound work. It is at its root a story of growth and passage. Passage from youth to maturity. All of us have had a similar experience but you have memorialized it into a beautiful narrative. There have been two comparable works for me personally. J. D. Salinger s epic, A Catcher in the Rye as I became a teenager and a movie I brought to the screen in the 1980 s: Stand by Me directed by Rob Reiner and written by Stephen King. Both made a profound impact on me and shed insight and light on my own life and evolution. Now, I must add a third leg to this group: The Long Stem is in the Lobby. It is that good. Thank you for making our times together a part of this wonderful work. I am honored. Congratulations my friend. I am glad that you have been and are in my life. Pete”
~Peter S. Sealey(Past president of Columbia Pictures)

ISBN 9780984718764
364 pages

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